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Another amazing year at your camp ground. Love spending time there. Almost like a family reunion every larbor day weekend.

Hi there!
We had the most amazing time staying with y'all this past weekend for Watershed! Thanks for keeping a great atmosphere and being amazing hosts.
How early do you start taking reservations for Watershed next year?
   Maggie Fricker

Hi Cindi,
Just wanted to thank you for getting us in at your campground for Watershed. My daughter and I had a great time. This was the first time we stayed at your campground and it was wonderful. Looking forward to coming again next year. When do you start taking reservations for next summer?
   Laura Ulam

Hey Scott!! 

I just saw your post on FB so I'm emailing you to find out when spots for Labor Dave Weekend are going on sale!  My girlfriend and I made it the Gorge for the first time last year and, luckily, our friends told us your campground was the one to choose.  We were not disappointed!!!  The hospitality and family-like atmosphere made me feel like I never left the south.  We decided this will be our annual vacation from now on and experiencing your camp ground was a major deciding factor.  Thanks for all you and your wonderful staff do; we can't wait for Labor Dave Weekend '14!!!!!

-Philip Hale

Hi Scott, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team/family for your hospitality and for everything this past weekend for the DMB shows. This was my first time at The Gorge, WILDHORSE, and Washington in general, and I do not have one complaint. Everyone I've talked to leading up to the trip had nothing but nice things to say about you and your team, the great food (I will be craving a Wildburger until next August!), the amenities; all of it! So thank you again for everything, I will definitely be back. I'm looking forward to next year already! Thank you again!

- 9/4/2013 -
Chelsea Madonna Feeser

Hi Scott,

I'm not in the habit of writing businesses thank you notes but was compelled after getting home from our trip to The Gorge for Black Sabbath. It was our first time at WILDHORSE Campground but will definitely not be the last. We were unexpectedly blown away by the experience. You guys went above and beyond in every single aspect I can think of. Its rare to have your needs anticipated and looked after without having to ask. Thanks to you and your staff for your hospitality. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Thanks for the great camping this past weekend. Your facility and staff and the service are TOP NOTCH! We were lucky enough to buy a puppy there during our trip and she is fitting right in and the kids LOVE HER! Thank you.
Thad Sturtevant

Hi there, My name is Barnabas (Barney) and I'd like to just thank you guys for letting me use your facilities this weekend when I was there. I greatly appreciate the fact that you let me sleep in the back of the bus and also lending me that sleeping bag when I came without enough money or really anything. I am so sorry if I caused any problems but thank you so much for offering your hospitality. Hopefully when or if I ever come by the grounds again, I will be able to thank you properly. You guys are amazing people and, again, thank you so much for everything. Sincerely, Barnabas Hong7/1/2013

My son and I had a wonderful time at the campground for the Zach Brown Band concert this last weekend, thank you, I’ll be coming back that’s for sure!
Courtney Lewis 
September 18, 2013

Just wanted to say I loved your campground. The food was excellent, along with the gourment coffee. Your staff was fantastic and courteous. For god's sake, kill the rooster(s) that live on the neighbors property! They were crowing in the middle of the night. Thanks for the great stay.

James Barr-Finch

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! My girlfriend and I came out for the Zac Brown Band concert and stayed at your place. I can't say enough how friendly the staff is and just how awesome the food is. Y'all sure know how to run a campground. My girlfriend and I were thoroughly impressed. Keep up the great work!

Fred from Texas

This was our first time at WILDHORSE and we RAVED about this place the moment we drove on site clear until we got home! We were a group of about 14 people mid-20s to early 30s.

It was SUPER easy to get a reservation, the owner's wife greeted us and was SO nice (maybe it was the empty wine glass I spotted on the window sill =) ) The lawns were so well manicured, the port-a-potty was always clean, the staff was constantly going around cleaning up garbage. It was comforting to know there was a security officer rollin' around during the night watching out for sites and drunkenness. I was a bit put-off by the outdoor, yet enclosed showers, but they were pleasantly nice (despite the low water temperature). And as some have said, the food...my oh my it was fabulous! We were freezing the first morning there and it was free coffee to the rescue from the cafe a long with a nice breakfast burrito for just $6. The best thing...okay 2 things...the staff was ridiculously nice and accommodating, but the complimentary shuttle: A.MAZing! They pack you in (think sardines), and really do their best to keep the shuttles coming. We cannot wait to come back next year..and the years to follow! if you are debating between WILDHORSE and the "other" campground, you need to stay here - it's definitely the 4 Seasons of Gorge camping!

Christina C.

Just wanted to write to say thanks to you and your staff. Our experience at your campground could not have been any better. You guys run a top notch facility there, and everything was so comfortable. You guys sure making camping for concerts a truly pleasant and fun experience. Thanks again!

Tim Hurley Hi Scott,

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay last night! Your staff and amenities were great! We love your campground and wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else! Hopefully we’ll be back for a show next summer! Thanks again!

Jeff and Kristi Swank

Hey Scott ...

Just wanted to take a sec to thank you and your team for an outstanding job for the Rush show. You guys blew us away. We had a blast, and look forward to visiting with you again.

Many regards,

Mike and crew

Once again thanks for having such an awesome place for all of us to stay while going to the gorge for concerts this past weekend was a blast!

Nicole Magle

Thank you for a great weekend!! You guys are the best around! The grass was perfect too! Well worth the money to stay. Just for your info the concert was good but we had way way more fun at our campground!!!! Soo much fun!! You had us camp next to the best by far group around!!!! Shout out for TEAM HONEZ!!!

David Vasquez

Our first Sasquatch and we stayed at WILDHORSE...best decision ever! Thank you so much for the great hospitality and friendly and incredibly helpful staff. If it weren't for the 12hr drive we'd be back often! (We were the Calgary girls with the dead van battery :)

Kristin McLevin-Briard

thanks for an amazing weekend WILDHORSE. Finally back to reality in LA :(

Ryan Esquibel

You guys are the best. Thankyou for being so awesome.

Janis Fehrer-Coe


I cannot articulate how stoked we are to come back again!

Between 'Squatch, music, the wild burger, the coffee, the showers and the giant, awesome, plushy verdant lawn to camp on, it will be amazing as per usual.



I'm not sure if I can say, "Last night I was attending one of the most incredible concerts, yet..." (Van Morrison at the Gorge) OR equally spectacular --- I stayed at WILDHORSE Campground while attending a concert at the Gorge." What an amazing group of people who own and work there.
They are so totally committed to making their space available and each is personally PRESENT when interacting and providing service to campers.
Across the board, "WILDHORSE Campground" is by FAR and AWAY, the best campground experience that I have ever had. Thank you WILDHORSE Campground "Family!"

Thanks for a great Tom Petty weekend, WILDHORSE! Your lush green grass, impromptu water slide, yummy food, outdoor showers, happy campers and overall hospitality made our trip so enjoyable. We'd really like to just move in for the whole summer. ;-)
Thanks again!!

We stayed Friday for Petty and we had a great time. This was our first time at WILDHORSE and we'll definetly be back.
Oh ya and we love the wildburgers!!!!!!
Bryan Ogden

Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone there for the wonderful time.

We were there for this years Sasquatch Music Festival, 2010. We were staying in the pop up in one of the electrical sites, across from the cafe. You guys do a great job. The cafe staff was a life saver after the shows. Sasquatch food is low quality and over priced, but you guys came through with high quality and a good value. We will stay with you on all our returns to the festival. Thanks again, specially you Dillon, you're the best.


John and Erica LeVasseur
Andover, MN

Hi Cindy and Scott,

My wife Jill and I came to your site after the first night of Sasquatch . . .

We were extremely tired from having been subjected to the all night rave that happened one row down from our tent at the Gorge "Premier" Camping.
Never again will we stay there, and thanks for your hospitality. We've stayed at WILDHORSE several times in the past but it sold out instantly so we had to settle for camping with frat kids and addicts. Ugh.

I've joined the mailing list in hopes of scoring a spot for Dave Matthews over Labor Day weekend. If you accept bribes, let me know, as my wife and I used to own a wine shop. :)

Either way, thanks again. It was great being able to sleep the last two nights of the long Memorial day weekend!

Paul Zawatski


I wish to extend a huge thank you from myself and my family for the warmth and hospitality shown by your staff this weekend. We were the couple who brought their 12yo daughter to her first festival, and we couldn’t have been more happy with our accommodations and the quality of the campground. From the moment we arrived we felt as if we were amongst friends.

WILDHORSE is definitely on our “must-do-again” list.

Thank you again, and we hope your summer is a successful one

Best wishes

James and Melissa (and Molli)

Vancouver, WA

Wow, yall know what you're doing!

You don't see that anymore, I wanted to say THANKS for a great carefree weekend! We came from North Carolina and will be coming back!

100% First Class

Thanks again,
Adam Fay


I came to the Gorge for DMB over Labor Day weekend after wanting to go for 6 years and I thought a thank you was in order. I’ve heard the stories over the years and how everyone would rave about WILDHORSE, the food, the staff, the cleanliness, etc. but I thought that I was going to walk into “just another campground.” I figured there would be no way that WILDHORSE could ever live up to my expectations. I’m happy to say that it blew them away!!! From the moment I arrived at 2 am on Thursday night after traveling 16.5 hrs from NC and was greeted by a courteous, employee until I reluctantly woke up to a mass exodus on Sunday, I was impressed. My words can never do any justice to the experience that you, your family, and staff allow everyone to have and I cannot think of one thing I would do to improve anything. I honestly want to thank you for the extra little things you all do that keep us coming back. I mean who has heard of having the HONEY BUCKETS cleaned twice a day?!?!?! The concession stand makes great food by any standards- especially for a camp ground and the prices- although they appear steep- are a VALUE for the quality and quantity you get. If you’re lucky, you may even get some chilled Jager shots while waiting in line for your Wildburger. I could go on and on about how beautiful the grounds are kept, how nice everyone there is, and how easy you make it for all of us to have the time of our lives but I just feel my words fall short of telling you how much we- the DMB community- appreciate you. I just want to thank you for being a major part of the best weekend of my life and for helping to provide me one of the best experiences ever!!! I will never forget it!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT LABOR DAY!!!!! Again, my words cannot convey my feelings but honestly, you have something very special going on at WILDHORSE and I hope nothing ever changes that. You and WILDHORSE are as much a part of the Labor Day weekend as DMB! (Well maybe not as much, but damn close!) ;^)

And I hope it carries weight that in my 34 years, I have NEVER written a letter like this to any establishment thanking them for the job they do. No one has impressed me like you and the WILDHORSE staff!!!

Troy Mizgala

Dear Scott & Cindi,

On behalf of all the campers of "Toupstown", I wanted to express my thanks to you and all of the people responsible for running WILDHORSE Campground. We had the best weekend we could possibly have imagined and we're all wishing we were still there right now.
-- The food at the Coral Cafe is absolutely delicious... especially the Chicken Fajita Wraps. Please give my compliments to the chefs.
-- The showers always had hot water... how is that even possible?
-- The Honey Buckets are the cleanest porta johns I've ever seen in my many years of camping./p>

We look forward to WILDHORSE again the next time and every time DMB plays the Gorge.

Thank you,

Mayor Toups & the residents of Toupstown

Hi Scott,

Recovering from the WILDHORSE/Gorge/DMB weekend! I just wanted to say thank you from my entire group, the Joy Ride Crew! I think you successfully converted us from the bad to the good. We apologize again for any misunderstandings at the outset. We would never think about trying to pull one over on you!

You run a first class operation. We have so much fun at the WILDHORSE, I couldn't imagine staying anywhere else for a Gorge concert weekend.

Your staff is incredibly nice and helpful. The food is great! The way you keep the bathrooms clean and pick up the garbage frequently does not go unnoticed! I particularly loved it when you chastised people for taking long showers. It just shows your attention to detail and care for all the campers.

WILDHORSE is simply the best. We'll be back in 2010!

Many thanks!


Hey Scotty,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for such an amazing weekend! Jace and I just got home to NC last night, and it was a fabulous trip. You really provide an amazing experience for us every year. Your entire staff is amazing, and I feel so lucky to have somewhere to go that I get to meet up with new friends from all over the world. WILDHORSE and the Gorge reall yare my "happy" place!!You do a wonderful job, and we love it all tucked in the back corner. Thank you again, and we'll see you next year!! (Next year I'll make sure I get my reservations on time!!

"Thank you for letting us be ourselves, again!!"

Lee "LEW" Darling Charlotte, NC

Hey Scott,

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the crew at the campground.  It was my first time staying there and being at the Gorge for concerts.  It was amazing and you guys do an incredible job keeping the place up and looking great.  You even hooked us up with a couple of chairs.  I will do my best to make reservations there next year again as soon as I find out when DMB will be playing there again.  It was honestly one of the best trips I've ever taken.  Thanks for making it such a great experience. Sincerely,

(09.07) Scott, I wanted to send you a note to express to you how much I thoroughly enjoyed WILDHORSE. You guys are awesome.  From the moment when Dorinda and I first drove in to the moment we left you had a smile on your face that warmed my heart. It was a pleasure meeting you and Cindy and the rest of the gang. I have such great memories from my 1st experience there that I will definately return again and again.,

If you would, please tell all the gang, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, DMB and WILDHORSE RULE. NO longer GORGE VIRGIN SHERRIE......  I've gained a new title Sherbare 'aka' ding dong.  Go figure. ha ha Hope to see the propane bonfire next year, and thanks for letting us have our prestolog fire. It was an absolutely awesome way to end our weekend.  We plan on camping next to the FARGO BOYS again next year, so I'm bringing them some sand trays for their BUTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great winter, and again, so glad to meet you! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Sherrie

(09.07) Sorry we cant make it to the party but the DMB weekend was fantastic!!!  You guys are number one and I'll never camp anywhere else when Im there for a show!!  top notch all the way!!  WILD BURGERS RULE!!!  keep on doing what your doing...word around camp is everyone is a return customer!!  Have a fun end of the year party and thanks for the invite!! WILDHORSE fan, Susan Mayer, Brandon MAssey and Mary Mayer!

(09.07) Last weekend was SWEET!!! ya'll really got it going on up there!!! We DROVE all the way from arkansas to spend the weekend at WILDHORSE and jamm with dmb!!! we were not disappointed at all..so much hype and it lived up to the hype... We will be back next year for sure!!! Good vibes to you and your peeps running the camp!!! Peace and much love... thanks bryan carlan

(09.07) Just want to say THANK YOU again for a great stay. We were there last weekend for the Alice in Chains concert, and four weeks prior for the Nickelback concert. Had a blast both times. This last time was awesome with the fact that you all fed us for a donation after the show. The ravioli was AMAZING! We will be staying with you in the future for any concert we see at the Gorge. You are a lot better then the so called campground that is attached to the venue! Thanks again for being so great, and for keeping the crowds quiet at night. I actually got some sleep! Sincerely, Christina and Jay Heenan,

(08.07) Hi Scott, I just wanted to express our thanks for having such a great campsite! We were the ones down from Canada for the Warped show, and we had the best time at your facility. Everything was top notch, and we can't say enough about it. We'll definitely be back! I'll email you some pictures when we download them..... Thanks, - Selena

(08.07) We had a great time staying at your campsite when we went to see the Warped Tour last night at the Colombia River Gorge. The hospitality and accommodations were outstanding and great shuttle service to the show! I would highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for an enjoyable time while staying out of town for a show. Thanks again, - Jared Huffman

(08.07) Just wanted to say "thank you".... we attended the Nickelback concert and stayed at your campground and absolutely loved it!!!! You got it going on!! - Stacie

(06.07) I can not give you enough props for the amazing experience my friends and I had at your wonderful establishment! The customer service was nothing like I have encountered before. The food was outstanding and the site was  beautifully kept. It is not everyday that customer's are treated so well - everything was great from the time we arrived to the time we left.

Please say a big thank you to Gee - he was so much fun and really took care of us Canadian girls!  He deserves a raise or bonus for putting up with us!  As well, he may need worker's compensation due to the butt kicking he took in our thumb wrestling competition (Please pass this on to him - he was so much fun).

We will be back for Sasquatch next year and are definitely looking forward to staying with you folks again.  I have been spreading the word about you guys as well.  It was well worth the twelve hour drive from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. See you next year,  -  Natalie

(05.07) My friends and I spent the weekend at your fine establishment for the Sasquatch Festival.  I wanted to let you know that you guys were awesome!  Warm, friendly, and accommodating from the first moment we arrived.  Most places would look at this rowdy group coming in and taking over as a nusance. You, however embraced it and welcomed us and took care of us.  The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. The porta-potties, usually a nightmare, were kept very clean. The garbage cans were emptied several times a day, along with the honey buckets. An encounter with any one of your staff was a pleasant experience.  The only thing I could say would be to add a few more showers. But even then there were plenty of hoses and water spickets available to at least wash your head and armpits. So what if it was cold!  It  reminds you you're alive. The shuttle was super convenient, ran often, and again friendly people. One of my friends had stayed at the other campground before and said it was awful, no where near as nice.  You guys take pride in what you do and it shows!  I will always stay with you when I'm there.  And I will tell everyone I know how amazing you were. We're already planning next year's trip!  Keep up the good work!  We love you!!   - Cheers, Andi Wilson  

(7/05) Hey Scott,

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful camping this weekend. The shows were excellent and you all really run a great campground. The WILDHORSE will surely be my place of choice at the Gorge from now on.

Thanks again,


(7/05) Scott,

Wanted To Say Thank You So Much For The Hospitality

You And Your Staff Showed Our Group. We All Had A Wonderful Vacation And Thanks To WILDHORSE Nothing Could Have Been Better. Maybe We Will See You Next Year!!!! Thanks Again good luck This Weekend!!!

(6/05) Hey There,

We Stayed At WILDHORSE Campground For The Sasquatch Festival (2005)A Few Weeks Ago. We Were So Impressed With Your Facilities And Staff That We Would Like To Spen Our Entire Dave Matthews Band Weekend With You.i Realize The Site Says That The Grounds Are Sold Out--but We Would Really Like To Come To Your Place. Is There Any Chance You Have An Additional Camping Spot For Some New Fans Of Your Campground? If Not, We'd Love To Get On Your Waiting List.



Hi Scott,

Just wanted to say thanks and that I was very impressed with your operation and your staff. Your campground was key to making our weekend a memorable one. It's rare to see the kind of service you guys provided at a large scale concert like the Sasquatchfest..(05). I'll see you again soon.


Lookout Sound Studios
Whitefish, Montana

We had a great time staying with you this past weekend!
Please sign us up for next year during the Creation Festival (July 27 through July 30).The same as this year with Electricity.
Your warm hospitality made staying with you a great part of our Creation Festival experience.
Thank you - and see you next year.

Mike and Debbie Bailey

Hi Guys

Thanks so much for such a wonderful time! We so enjoy everyone who is at your place. You guys are awesome.
The spaghetti dinner was so good...............Thank you!
You had a lot more people this year................yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are doing our best to spread the word. Now hopefully we will be able to get in next year.
We are looking forward to seeing you next year. How far in advance should we book for next year?
God Bless....................Dan and Tana Nuxoll............ from Coeurd'Alene.

Hi folks at WILDHORSE!

I stayed at your campground a couple weeks ago for the Warped Tour and I want to thank you for the wonderful experience.

My friend invited me to go with her to the concert and informed me that we would be camping. Well, most of the stories about camping at the Gorge told of crazy nights and less-than-desireable accomodations. I was looking forward to the trip but have to admit, was somewhat apprehensive, fearing that the location we where we were staying would just be another "Gorge campground." Much to my surprise, we arrived and found a lush, grassy atmosphere with more than adequate space and nice "facilities." Not only was the location great, but the food was amazing! The staff was so friendly and welcoming...I almost felt as if I was staying with family!

Anyway, I just want to say thank you and keep up the good work! I'll be back for several more concerts and will encourage my friends and family to check you guys out as well!

Thanks again,

Cindi Alkofer


My buddies and I just returned from the Tim McGraw concert and a night at the WILDHORSE campground. Just wanted to let all of the people that run your campground that you all did a terrific job. You guys have a really good thing going. We loved your food! Thanks so much for the great hospitality. See you soon.

Kristie Erdie

I wanted to write and Thank you so much for a fun weekend for Tim McGraw. My kids (ages 4 and 5) had a blast with the sprinklers and little pool. We are wanting to come back over and stay with you and are interested in doing some playing in Lakes/Rivers and going kayaking. Do you have any suggestions to the best place we could go kayaking close to your place there? Thank you. Leanne Dotson
Thank you for making the 7/17/04 "Tim McGraw" concert at The Gorge a memoriable experience! I'm going to share my experience with all my good friends. Your family & employees are so friendly and helpful. You should be very proud of what you've have done and are still doing now. The food is great, the grass is green, sani-cans are clean, well stocked & don't smell (no matter how many happy campers are there). The bus service to The Gorge is just one more "pirk" ; plus keeping some of us happy campers off the roads.

What about the end of the season pig roast and maybe a volunteer clean-up & close up party?




Hi there,

This isn’t actually for a reservation, I just wanted to give you all a big “WOW” and a thanks. I stayed at the WILDHORSE for the first time recently, for the Dead/Allman Bros. concert, and was so impressed. The cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff, and holy cow, the food! I’ve been raving about the experience and just wanted to pass on my thanks. Keep up the good work!


Rose Eldred

thank you to WILDHORSE camp ground for another great warped tour stay!!! Your food KICKS BUTT I'll be dreaming about your burgers until next year, That was the best burger I've had in months, and it came from WILDHORSE camp ground! Great job guys. We'll see you for all our concerts. Thank you for such great service through the years.

Thank you Thank you

Mollie Ailene,

Dear WILDHORSE team,

I just want you all to know how much we are looking forward to bringing friends there for Tim McGraw. I am always telling people about how wonderful the WILDHORSE is...and I find it difficult to explain how it exceeds all expectations. Then I thought of a description. WILDHORSE is like a luxury B & B for campers! We are really looking forward to such a cushy campout again. I feel so sorry for my daughter, who insists on staying at the Gorge. No comparison! See you soon!

Melanie G. and Bev S.

You have no idea how happy we are to have received your confirmation for our campsite!!!

As cooks, we totally enjoy having someone cook for us, plus the opportunity to stay someplace so welcoming! We were so worried we didn't get through for securing our reservation! You have just made our day! Yeah!

Much love 2 you for all your efforts!

Pete Tucker & Company

Hey youse guys!

We just got home safe and sound from our weekend of fun/food/sun/music/happiness!
Thanks so much for the friendly atmosphere, the incredible food and the hug I get each year with my strawberry shortcake.
You guys make our vacations to the Gorge soooooo wonderful!
We brought two newcomers with us this year and they really enjoyed their stay too!
Till the next show...


Pete Tucker, Jenn VanSambeek

Howdy! Grettings from Mike and Tammy! We just wanted to Thank you so much for the hospitality you guys were great! We all had a great time. We felt so welcome, the food was great, the place was pretty and nice.
We will definatly reccomend you guys to everyone we know! We have already started planning our next camping trip to your camp! We will let ya know when!
Once again Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike, Tammy, Bill, and kristie our RED HEADED SLUT bartender They sure we nummy oh and cannot for get little Teenie Tiny



My brother Robert Donnellan, myself and groups of friends have camped w/ you for Dave for the past 2 years and we're sooooo excited to come back!!! Rob told me that he already made the reservation but I was curious if we can camp the night before Dave, August 6th - Wednesday? Can you confirm the Donnellan reservation (should be for at least 2 cars each night) and let me know if we can camp on the 6th?

Thanks for keeping this as the absolute best option for camping at the Gorge!!!!


Patricia Donnellan

I wanted to thank you guys again!!!

Bill went out of his way to accommodate my gluten and dairy intolerance and I can't thank him enough! The campsite was gorgeous and you guys were wonderful! I will be back for sure.

Thank you,


I would like to formally thank all of you at the WILDHORSE Campground for being so hospitable for Creationfest 2003. Your campground is very nice (especially the hot showers!) and it doesn't get as crowded as the Gorge's does. I really appreciate how those of you, (the few) who were there for Creationfest, took the time to make our party feel comfortable. Thank you. -Jason Isaac

What an amazing little campground!
Smiling happy people, layed back and helpfull.
What a change from the usual overnight experience at the Gorge!

Thank you so much for all the work, long hours and special attention everyone who works there puts in. I loved the food. Amazing to be in the middle of nowhere and get portabello mushrooms wraps and organic salads. The hot showers under open skies was an experience all of their own..

I will highly recomend the WILDHORSE to everyone who thinks about attending a show at the Gorge and spending the night, this is defenetely the best way to go.

Helene Baradat :)

thanks so much! you all run a fabulous campground and we just love it! cant wait for that fun weekend to get here! have a great day and thanks again.

--susan mayer

We will be staying Sunday night for Styx, We will be there Sunday morning to set up. This is Trent & Cathy Heinle who have been staying there since you started, your kids used to bring my wife hot cocoa, in the morning.

Trent & Cathy Heinle

Thanx very much guys, it's good to have a place to with so much hospitality!.....unlike the gorge campground! Anyways see ya this weekend WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Eklund

Hi guys! Thanks for the awesome weekend. We enjoyed ourselves to the full!! Your place was great; good people, HOT showers, and wonderful food!!! We were also so grateful for the shuttle sure beat parking. GRATEFUL(ly)-- Bethany and Scott Oldham

Thank you so much for your hospitality for this past weekend with Phish. As I shared with both of you, I am on the road all the time and you folks area class act! If your not making expenses then please charge what you need, as we will still come........

Thanks again Peace, Michael

We were so happy we stayed at your campground for the phish shows this past July. You guys were GREAT! Your hospitality, friendly and kick-back attitude, really made our stay an enjoyable one. The bus rides and drivers, showers, plush campgrounds, and food were incredible (especially the portabella mushrooom wrap, yum!).

We will definitely be back for some shows in the future!

-Padget from the Comet Clan

Hey you guys,

I was just at the Phish shows this weekend, and a friend of mine shared his reservation with me so I got to stay at your wonderful campground. I had such a good time; all the staff were super. And now I can’t wait to come back...thanks again


To the WILDHORSE Campground,

Thank you for a wonderful camping experience at the WILDHORSE. My friends and I stayed there this past weekend for the Phish shows, and were pleasantly surprised by how every aspect of the campground was run very well. The showers were nice, the grass was well taken care of, and the staff was friendly and attentive to our needs.

Thank you,

Christopher Stebbins

Great time last weekend, thanks for everything. Hopefully I will have some photos for the gallery. Also, can I reserve two spots for June 29th and July 6th? Thanks again, had a blast!!!!

P.S. I had the best shower/sunrise experience!!!

Recently my party of 12 stayed at WILDHORSE for Ben Harper. On behalf of my group i'd like to thank you for a most pleasent stay! The people were awesome, the grounds and the shuttle were also awesome! It was such a great edition to our trip to be at WILDHORSE. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a million

Jerica Hatch


I stayed at your campground for the Sasquatch festival and want you to know that we had the BEST time camping there. You have done a fantastic job at making us feel welcome, helping us stay safe with your shuttle, and feel clean with those awesome hot showers! Some of our group, Dean and Friday, were unable to get tickets to that show, but they said they had a wonderful time meeting you and just hanging out.

Thanks again for helping keep the Gorge experience what it should be!

Rene’ LeBeau


We stayed with you for the Eagles concert and had a great time--- and breakfast! We enjoyed your friendly approach and will come back.

Louie Besenyody III

Thanks so much for your hospitality this weekend. We all had such a wonderful time. The concert could not have been better and it was wonderful meeting so many great people Please add my e-mail to your list as I would really appreciate receiving any info on upcoming events. Thanks again for everything. Tanya

Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful time at your campground from Jeff, Tina, Scott & Cindy.

Peace--See ya soon.


Loved staying at your campground twice this year, and would like to make a reservation this time for July 20 & 21 Allan Jackson show even though you were very accommodating in making a spot and fitting us in without one. You have no idea how much we appreciated it!!! We can't thank you enough.

Thanks Again,

Lowrie R. Ruddell

Hello....I just wanted to thank you for a great time! Your camping area was GREAT! I especially liked the shuttle bus and the breakfast the morning after. We camped there for the Sammy concert and were very impressed and WILL come back, actually we already a down for Sheryl Crow.....Anyway, it was great.

Oh....and a special thanks to the gals cooking breakfast the next morning....I came up the the counter....with a headache.....She asked me how I was doing this morning.....I said, "Oh, I have a headache". She said, "oh, honey, would you like some aspirin? .All I have is ibuprofen ,will that be ok?" I said sure.....and she went to the back and got me some...of her personal supply. I was so impressed....I figured maybe you would have had the individually wrapped ones and I could pay for it....but nope, it was her own. I thought that was so nice.

As a suggestion.....you could probably put aspirin on your breakfast menu....and make another buck or two. :o)

Thanks again.

A very happy camper


Hey! i would like to make reservations for the night of saturday july 20. I have stayed in your awsome campgrounds before and i loved it it kicks ass all over the gorge campgrounds. i would appreciate it if i could get that reservation under the name Joe Smelcer. thank you very much and I hope to see you soon.

Joe Smelcer

Hi! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the comforts of you campground. We stayed with you on the 19th and left on the 20th. I hesitate to go to many concerts in the Gorge since there always seems to be some sort of problem at their campground. It was nice and refreshing to know you were there and that we actually had a pleasant time! I was actually able to sleep there! The last time we stayed at the Gorge campground and I was scared half to death to even close my eyes! It just reiterates the fact when I saw the news about the shooting when we got home. TOO CLOSE!

You have a beautiful facility, it's clean, it's safe, and it's well monitored and most of all...IT WAS PERFECT!!! Knowing you guys were there to maintain the group was nice...I think I heard you guys in our row a couple of times to quiet down our neighbors, but it was nothing compared to what we would have had to deal with at the other campground.

We will stay there with you all again in a heart beat! Thanks for everything! Keep up the great work!

Kathy Narte

We want to thank you for the safe and complete grounds you offer. Our son was there for Saturday's concert and even though there was a shooting at the other campground, we knew he was safe.

He enjoyed the night and will return.

Again, Thank You!!!!

You guys do an awesome job!

Eric Hudzikiewicz


I had the chance to stay at WILDHORSE's campground with my friends over Memorial Weekend for Sasquatch at the Gorge. We had a great time at the concert (String Cheese Incident is incredible!) and we all loved the WILDHORSE's campground! I am hoping to camp there again for the Jeep Outdoor Festival (8-03-02), Area 2 (8-16-12), and for Dave Matthews Band. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for providing me and my friends with the best campground in the area! Attached is a picture of all of us at WILDHORSE's campground.


Take it easy,


Thanks for the wonderful stay. We really appreciated all of you. Thanks for the dinner and everything. You made creation more fun and bearable. We enjoyed ourselves so much that your campground is a destination by itself even if there were no concerts. Thanks for telling us about the swimming areas also. Thanks Steve, Bonnie, Debbie, Scott and your brother, Steve . If you ever need help, or have a work party let us know we would love to help. My daughter Caryn says hi to , everyone and to Wally , Eddie, and Lucky.

Thanks again. See you next year , if not before.

Ed, Joy and Caryn Smith.

I need to reserve 1 car for the 15th Sept. Rush concert Thank you Julie Flaten

P.S. your camp site is awesome have been telling everyone about it......you guys are doing a great job and the shuttle is great, even though I missed it coming back from BB King I was on his bus getting an autograph so we had to walk back until we stopped a truck that let us hitch a ride in the back. I'll send you photos of BB King and all the fun we had at WILDHORSE see you in Sept.

Julie Flaten

Hello again,
My friends and I had so much fun at your campground for the Sam & Dave show that we would love to return for the Rush show. We will have 2 vehicles for two nights - the 13th and 14th of September.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful place for us weary concert goers to rest our heads.

When life deals you lemons, ask for a bottle of tequila and some salt.


Thank you so much for making our stay enjoyable - the staff was wonderful and informed. Camping was just way too easy, showers were hot and very appreciated after having so much fun. The shuttle made my evening- after having driven so far to get there. I'm sending more people your way.!! :)

See you next year- Area3 if not sooner....

-Cyberella - a.k.a - the girls with the misters.


Hi there!

Just wanted to let ya know we had a great time this last friday! You are a kick is the ass! Your campground is GREAT! Just to let ya know who we are....we were the couple who you told looked like we should be there for the Oz Fest...:) all tattooed....:) Anyways, we really enjoyed being there and I'm sure we'll venture out that way again next summer...we're from the Oregon coast, so we try to make it to at least one show per summer in the Gorge. Take Care and keep doin what ya do-


Rachel and Justin-

We had a wonderful time at Ozzfest 2002. Way better than the Gorge camping!

We will be back next summer...

Bob & Leanne

Vancouver, BC

we had a blast! we are really drained now but thats because we maxed out on fun this weekend. you guys are so lucky to have a venue that beatiful in your back yard! we will for sure be telling everyone that they have to go at least once. we will be back either for counting crows or DMB again. at least once a year is our goal. you guys were great. i hope there were no major problems this weekend. we met alot of new friends from around the country. thanks for the food, lot, and hospitality. let's make the Thong March an anual thing..... haha thanks agan

MPT josh

You guys rock!

I stayed Saturday night with a group of friends to see the DMB show. I had made reservations months in advance. We had one car arriving on Fri, two cars on Sat and one of those two cars staying an additional night. I know, sounds confusing. We arrived only to find our reservations screwed up. The woman at the gate was very understanding and accommodating. She resolved the situation and we were all let in. We enjoyed our stay much more than on the Gorge grounds.

Anyways, I doubt you get many thank you emails...so THANK YOU!

Have a great day and I wish you continued success.

Best regards,

Kevin Branton



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